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American Football Tips for Beginners

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American football remains a crowd favorite no matter how rough and nasty it gets. The players alone already make the game so exciting. Some have brute strengths while others are so small you can’t believe they can run around the field like mice. Yet, no team can win the cup with pure strength and speed. Each of the players must possess agility, skills and of course- brilliant minds. The game sometimes gets too complex the spectators are utterly surprised at the outcome of events. The field lines alone can already get a newbie fan confused. But with these no-brainer beginner tips, good old American football can be understood with no sweat. Here’s how to get started:

The Basics. The game is started with a coin toss to determine who plays offense or defense. Each team should have eleven members. The composition of the offense and defense teams depends on the team’s strategy and the game situation. Like during short-yardage, the coach can choose to replace wide receivers with tight ends. If you notice the frequent change of players, that’s because each player is to perform a single special role. No one can play quarterback and offensive tackle at the same time. Thus, when the game plan changes so do the team players. Moreover, there is no limit in the number of substitutions which gives each team a chance to come up with different tactics.

The Teams. The offense will have four attempts (downs) to get the ball at least 10 yards towards the end zone. If the ball never advances after four downs or the offensive team manages to get a touchdown, the ball will change possessions.  The defense team will have to try its best to tackle and block the player carrying the ball. They must figure out when and where the snap will occur so that they could easily sack the quarterback.  However, as the other team is also equally able, a game of football becomes a chess-like team sport.

Scoring. Since football has its roots in the English rugby, the manner of scoring is almost the same. The touchdown is still the highest single score which is equal to six points. After a successful touchdown, the offense can gain extra points through a field goal where the ball is kicked at the opponent’s two-yard line. But if after the fourth down and a touchdown can’t be achieved, the offense can aim for a field goal which is equal to 3 points.

Quarters. Each quarter is equal to fifteen minutes. There is a 2-minute break at the end of the first and third quarters and a 12-minute break during half-time. If the teams are tied after initial playtime, they will be given a 15-minute overtime. The scores will go back to zero and the team that manages to get the most score wins.

See, football is easy like one, two and three. You can also try to read more about regulations and penalties. But in the meantime, why not get yourself a pizza and drink and have a grand time?